Light Weight Steel Framing Systems

Light Weight Steel Framing Systems

Technology is rapidly advancing and with it the means to construct walling and partitioning and flooring have become ever more sophisticated.

Metal framing systems are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective, fast-track solution for medium rise load-bearing structures. To complement existing services OCL Facades has built up an excellent relationship with market pioneers in metal framing systems in the UK to provide speedy, economical results.

Steel framing is a high precision load bearing system. Constructed from cold rolled lightweight galvanised steel, it provides excellent thermal performance whilst reducing significantly the amount of maintenance required. Combined with linings, this system achieves the fire, acoustic and thermal performance levels necessary for today's industrial, commercial and domestic environments.

As a lightweight system, this has an additional advantage over many more traditional materials and methods of construction. In many cases, the need for constructing or strengthening foundations is rendered unnecessary. Ease and simplicity of design combine to allow for dry erection within much shorter timescales. Door and window space is easily incorporated with great flexibility, thereby allowing for its implementation within the most complex of design projects. Its versatility is extraordinary with applications ranging from partitioning and load bearing internal walls to flooring, roofs and external structures. The system can be assembled either on or off-site, its light weight making it easy to transport.