OCL places great emphasis on the importance of up to date methods of design and construction.

As a key player at the forefront within the market place we specialise in the design, supply and installation of the building façade, Drylining Systems and Floor Screeding solutions.

The Façade of a building is probably one of its most important features both visually and environmentally at OCL we put great emphasis on the importance of up to date methods of design and construction.

As such our in-house design team is fully trained in the understanding and use of the latest software and hardware systems, and we continue to maintain our position at the cutting edge of technological advances.

We can also offer the full range of drylining systems from all three leading Drywall manufacturers and give our clients a full range of cost-effective solutions for new build projects to restorations and refurbishment to schools colleges and luxury apartments to name just a few.

A wide range of systems can be offered to satisfy both design and cost objectives.

Ceilings can be offered again in many forms straight forward screwing to timber joists to MF Grid and Plasterboard suspended systems to Lay in Grid and Specialised Ceilings Systems.

As an addition to the above we also have the expertise and experience to install all forms of Fibrous plaster works these can be installed and fitted in any size to any area with the addition of concealed lighting the effects can result in a stunning display typical examples include Fibrous columns and barrel vaulted ceilings.

Floor screeds are designed to offer a build up of floor levels to a smooth level surface we can offer pump applied self leveling anhydrite screeds to a traditional sand and cement screed the self leveling screeds are ideal for use with under floor heating systems as well as commercial and domestic buildings laid on either thermal or acoustic insulation.

Please feel free to call our head office any time to discuss your project in more detail.

“We work as a team at every stage of the process and complement OCL’s vast experience within the market place with AGF bringing an additional wealth of 130 Years of technical experience to support OCL from quotation through to project completion and beyond.”

Mike Yerrell