Myatts Estate Re-Development


The major regeneration of Myatts Estate is a result of the close working partnership between Lambeth Council, local residents and Regenter two.

  • build 808 new homes to replace properties that are currently in a very bad condition
  • modernise and refurbish 172 existing homes
  • build 808 new homes for sales, 10% of which are full wheelchair access
  • provide a new landscaped green space and play area
  • build a new community centre
  • build a new energy plant to provide more reliable and efficient heating and hot water and substantially reduce the carbon footprint of the homes
  • refurbish commercial units and create a new local store

The Benefits for residents are a safer, nicer and sustainable environment.

Myatts Field North will once again be part of the local street network. Residents will feel safer when walking around and through the area. New or refurbished buildings will replace the existing poorer quality homes.

Sustainability is at the heart of the redevelopment proposals with a reduction in 80 per cent of carbon emissions. A combined heat and power plant installed on the estate will provide heating andhot water to the entire development.

The master plan returns to the estate a traditional street pattern, which opens the area to surrounding neighbourhoods.


Contract Value

Completion Date
March 2017

Products Installed
Floor Screeding, Drylining Walls and Ceilings, Tape and Jointing, ACM Cladding, Marley Cladding, Brick Slip Cladding